Monday, June 6, 2011


I feel a growth spurt coming on soon! Henry went back to two naps a day, although the first is very short now. His appetite has also taken off, and some days he eats more than me!

He is also saying more sentences, like "give me blanket" and "need help". He is also repeating new phrases every day. One of his favorite games involves answering questions, like what animal makes this sound? or what does this letter sound like?

He doesn't seem interested in the potty yet, but I am trying to talk about it more so he gets used to the idea. I'm debating whether or not to order another huge case of diapers, since I'm not sure how much he will grow or for how much longer he will need them.

My favorite new words: Gam-ma, purple, umbrella, honeybee. He still calls me mama, which melts my heart every time.

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