Friday, June 24, 2011

New Knowledge

Henry counts to 20 but doesn't recognize the numbers over 12 yet. He also likes to play with change, and can name quarters, pennies, nickels and dimes. He likes to point to your thumb ("fum") and pinky fingers. If you ask him what does .................start with and use a phonetic word, he will tell you the first letter. When playing with blocks he will arrange them in simple patterns, and can stack eight in a tower. He loves his little counting bears and likes to sort them into their colored cups. He also loves puzzles and his favorite books right now are Mr. Brown Can Moo, Caps for Sale, Five Little Monkey books, and any Fancy Nancy book. He often brings these over to us with the request "read again?" even if it's the first time that day.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Homeschool Convention

I went to the ENOCH homeschool convention this past weekend, and Greg came too on Saturday. It was fun to touch and read all of the different curriculum and we got some really cool books at the used curriculum sale. The seminars were so-so, but it didn't really matter. I think just sitting there and listening to a talk about a topic sometimes just gets me thinking. I've been so focused lately on the academic details that I forget what my primary responsibility is to my son.

Greg and I had a chance to talk in the car and during the conference, and I'm happy to say that we've decided to start doing some low-key family devotions. We also talked about having our own little family dinner together at least a couple of times a week (we tend to eat with my family a lot, and usually don't get any time to talk together.) I'm so relieved to be on the same page with Greg on this finally. It's not that we didn't want the same things, but we've just seriously been so busy or tired that we hadn't been able to articulate what we wanted.

It was so easy when we were first married, we spent so much time together and we lived in a very isolated little apartment, there was never a shortage of opportunities to communicate.
This year everything has changed, Greg is commuting over 4 hours a day, plus his working hours, and we are just so tired at night that we both want to just veg out. Next year he will be working close to home, but for now we just have to be intentional about making time for each other. Believe it or not, this convention was maybe the first time we spent a day together without Henry since we took the bar exam last summer.

Even though I did miss Henry on Sat, it was good to be reminded that Henry needs his parents to be in tune with one another too. If that means taking time away to reconnect and talk about our goals then that is what is best for him in the long run.

So what do we agree on, now that we've talked? It all boils down to this: It's not enough to teach Henry about God. He needs to see us relating to God. He needs to see Greg and me praying, reading the Bible, talking about what we've read. He needs to see the Holy Spirit change us, and feel God's love through our interactions with him. A great education will be completely meaningless if he grows up without knowing his Best Friend.

If I have the perfect house and cook the best meals, but have not love, I have nothing.

If I have the most energy and take my son out every day to explore, but have not love, I have done nothing.

If I provide the best education and opportunities, and send my son to an Ivy League college, but have not love, I have given him nothing.

If I work hard to provide for him and die leaving him a trust fund, but have not love, my work will have been in vain.

Monday, June 6, 2011


I feel a growth spurt coming on soon! Henry went back to two naps a day, although the first is very short now. His appetite has also taken off, and some days he eats more than me!

He is also saying more sentences, like "give me blanket" and "need help". He is also repeating new phrases every day. One of his favorite games involves answering questions, like what animal makes this sound? or what does this letter sound like?

He doesn't seem interested in the potty yet, but I am trying to talk about it more so he gets used to the idea. I'm debating whether or not to order another huge case of diapers, since I'm not sure how much he will grow or for how much longer he will need them.

My favorite new words: Gam-ma, purple, umbrella, honeybee. He still calls me mama, which melts my heart every time.